Grip Mounting Instructions

Feedback Putter Grip Mounting Instructions


Fits all stepped and tapered metal golf putter shafts

  1. Cut existing grip off shaft.

  2. Remove all tape and tape residue.

  3. Place golf grip over the putter shaft until fully inserted.

  4. Beginning at the closed end or top of the putter grip, apply one small drop of the enclosed medium strength thread lock to the set screw before inserting. You have one hour before the liquid thread locker will begin to set. Tighten each screw with the enclosed 3 mm hex wrench approximately 1/16 of a turn each time. Rotate around the grip tightening each screw evenly, but not more than finger tight. Depths of the set screws should be equal when finished.

  5. Repeat this process at the open end or bottom of the putter grip.

  6. The Feedback Putter Grip is adjustable to up to 1/2” longer. If you choose to make the adjustment, first mark the putter shaft directly below the bottom of the grip. Next pull the shaft out no more than 1/2 inch desired length.

  7. For the final screw tightening, use the enclosed 3 mm hex wrench. Tighten screws evenly and as gently as possible to a little more than finger tight, then finally just snug, making sure you do not over tighten.

  8. The 6 assembled screws should be the same depth at top of the grip and at the bottom end of the grip.

  9. Let the club set one hour before putting it into play. It will be fully cured in 24 hours.



  • (1) - Feedback Putter Grip
  • (1) - Tube of medium strength liquid thread locker
  • (1) - 3 mm hex wrench
  • (7) - 6 mm set screws (includes one extra)