Aluminum Putter Grip
Feedback Putter Grip
Feedback Putter Grip
Feedback Putter Grip
Feedback Putter Grip
Feedback Putter Grip
Feedback Putter Grip

Feedback Putter Grip

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A patent pending aircraft grade aluminum putting grip mounted with two sets of three set screws top and bottom, that helps transmit the vibration from impacting the golf ball through the metal putter head up the metal putter shaft through the metal set screw into the metal golf grip transferring vibration that would otherwise be absorbed through the conventional golf grips made of various foam and rubber compounds dramatically increasing the feel of the putter stroke. This phenomenon makes the use of this all new technology valuable for putting because putting is what you feel in your hands and see with our eyes. Additionally, the weight of the grip distributed over the length of the shaft gives stability in the putting stroke.


Length: 10.75 In.

Diameter: 1.25 In.

Weight (grams): 149 grams

Finish: Hard Anodized Platinum Color

Material: Aluminum

Shipping: Free



Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Imparts more consistent energy into the golf ball at impact, helping you determine the pace and speed of the putt.

3/4 inch Adjustability in length

Able to fine tune club to desired length.

Hard Anodized Finish

Extreme durability

Fits all putter shafts

Transferable to fit your favorite putters.

Extra Weight distributed evenly in the grip

Produces better putting tempo.

Patent Pending mounting system

Only the mounting screws in the grip contact the shaft, producing a path of vibration that enhances additional feel to the hands.

Rigidity of Metal Screws and Grip

Reduces twisting or torque helping keep the ball on its intended line.

Separation of grip from shaft.

Creates the maximum feel and feedback in the hands